Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell was an intelligent and curious child with a passion for communication.

His mother was deaf, but Bell learned that he could communicate with her through the low vibrations of his strong voice.

This discovery about sound and many more like it, inspired him to begin inventing and experimenting in the field of communication.

Most people know of him as the man who invented the telephone, but he also taught deaf students, raced hydrofoil boats, and started the Bell Phone Company, which we know today as the AT&T Company.

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 Here’s a short biography video.


 In this animated show, “Hysteria”, we get to see Alexander Graham Bell and some of the other  inventors we’ve been learning about.





The Telephone


In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented what he called an “electrical speech machine”.

Today we call it the telephone, and you most likely have one in your home on the wall, or one that you carry in your pocket!


This video gives us an explanation of how a telephone works.



In this video we can hear Alexander Graham Bell’s real voice.





The Photophone 


One of his other major inventions, the Photophone paved the way for cell phones.

This invention sent sound through the air, without wires connecting the two telephones.

This video explains how it works.





The Metal Detector 

metal detector

 Bell’s metal detector was originally created in an attempt to find a bullet stuck in the body of president James Garfield.

If you’ve ever been to an airport you’ve seen one of these, and people also use metal detectors to find treasure on beaches.



This video shows you how to make your own metal detector out of household items.





The Hydrofoil Boat


Bell was very interested in a recent breakthrough that allowed boats to fly on water; the hydrofoil.

He sketched his own hydrofoil boat, and contributed to it’s improvement over the years.



This video shows us how hydrofoil boats progressed over time, and we even get to see the boat Alexander Graham Bell used!



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