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The concept of the drum goes back as far as mankind itself. Ancient man used a hollow stump of wood with an animal hide stretched over it for tribal purposes, ceremonial purposes, and for war.

Drums and other percussion instruments are the center of every type of music we listen to today.

We’ll show you a ton of different drums from different cultures, and also give you an idea of how the drum set came to be.


Here’s a link to some audio podcasts about the history of jazz drumming.

Here’s a ton of different percussion instruments, and information about each of them.

Here’s an interesting article about the physics of sound.

Here’s something to read about how different drums make different notes.

Here’s a list of some of the greatest drummers of all time. Check them out.

Here’s a quick drum history video.

Here’s a bit about how drum sets came to be.

An essential part of any drum set is the cymbal. Here’s how they are made!

One really interesting instrument we’ve found in our search for knowledge is called the Cajon, which is basically just a box that you sit on and play with your hands.

Here’s some more info on the Cajon drum.

This drum comes from the Caribbean, and it has a wonderful, light, melodic sound that you might find familiar.

Here’s more about the history of the Steel drum.

The Drum set is one of the greatest inventions in percussion, check out this great drum solo by Buddy Rich.

We’ve even made electric drum machines where you can access millions of different sounds at the touch of a finger.

If you haven’t caught on now, you can turn just about anything into a drum. Check out this kid on his washing machine!