Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin

This month we are learning about the artist Paul Gaugin.



Paul Gauguin was a famous french artist of the post-impressionist movement. Gauguin made his name as a ceramist, writer, sculptor, print-maker, and, of course, painter.

His paintings are full of rich warm colors, and his experiences living in places such as Peru, Tahiti, and other places in the South Pacific gave him many exotic and wonderful things to portray throughout his artwork.


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Here is an awesome documentary by the BBC on the life and major masterpiece of Gauguin.

Teachers, please be aware of some works involving nudity, and talk of Gauguin’s mistresses in Tahiti. (Most of this is in the first three minutes)





Green Christ

Oil on canvas.

c. 1889.


This is a mix of illusion and reality, in which Gauguin shows us the biblical scene of Christ being brought down from the cross, behind a French woman working in a field.

The body of Christ and the figures behind him seem to appear out of mossy rock, Gauguin may have envisioned this during his time living in the French countryside.


This piece is kept at The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium. Click here to check out their website!






The Child of God


Oil on canvas.

c. 1896.


This piece is Gauguin’s version of the Nativity, and also, the scene of his own child’s birth.


This piece is kept at the Neue Pinakothek in Munich, Germany. Click here to check out their website!





Breton Girls Dancing

Oil on canvas.

c. 1888.


This painting gives a look into the daily life of the small village of Pont-Aven, France, where Gauguin lived at the time.


This piece is kept at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. Click here to check out their website!





The Red Cow


Oil on canvas.

c. 1889.


A fantastic use of color in this painting, Gauguin shows us a scene of life on a farm.


This piece is kept at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in California. Click here to check out their website!


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Woman of the Mango

Oil on canvas.

c. 1892.


No doubt inspired by his time in Tahiti, here Gauguin gives a wonderful painting full of color and joy.


This piece is kept at the Baltimore Museum of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Click here to check out their website!




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