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The Republic of Fiji is a beautiful group of about 300 volcanic islands in the south pacific.

Fiji has a rich economy mainly based off of tourism, and because of it’s location near the coast of Australia and New Zealand it’s the favorite holiday spot of many people in those countries.

Fiji’s population of just about 1 million people consists of Melanesians, Indians, Polynesians, and people from other parts of Asia.

We hope you enjoy learning about this island paradise!


Here’s a timeline of Fiji’s history.

Here’s a list of some of the best beach destinations in Fiji.

Here’s the official travel website for Fiji.

Read about the Fijian flag here.

Here’s a couple of interesting facts you probably wouldn’t have guessed about these peaceful islands.

The first thing you’ll hear when you land in Fiji, “Bula!” has a pretty unique and awesome meaning. Read about it here.

Here’s some important tips for your next vacation.

Click here to read about how Fiji’s government came to be.

Here’s some of the awesome food you’ll get to experience in Fiji.



This video gives you a look at what Fiji has to offer.




Here’s a short documentary series from National Geographic about Fiji.



 Here’s some beautiful footage of Fiji set to music.



Here’s a look at some of the cultural customs you’ll find in Fiji.



This is probably the best sales pitch for a vacation I’ve ever heard. If you’re easily persuaded to take trips across oceans to far away lands, skip this video. 😉




Here’s some awesome surfing footage from a competition on the coast of Fiji.

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