How to find water in the wilderness

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Water is an essential part of our daily intake, without it, we die in any situation.

On average, a human being can only survive 3 days without water, but many more without food. This means that finding, gathering, and filtering water so that it is safe to drink should be a top priority in any survival situation.

There are many different ways to find suitable drinking water in any situation, and these resources we’ve found will help you learn those ways.



Here’s a video that shows how to follow animal tracks to water.

Here you can read about different techniques for filtering water.

This guide explains how to follow animals to water.

This page has some good tips for finding the perfect product to filter your water.

Here’s an article about where to find water.

This video shows how to tap a tree for water.

Here you can read about living without water, and the effects of dehydration.

This page explains many different tools that you can use to filter water in the wilderness.

Here’s a how to guide for several water-gathering techniques.

This video shows a water collection technique.



Here’s some tips for finding the best drinking water.



This video shows us how to make a makeshift water filter out of simple materials.



 This video shows us how to make a solar still.



 This video talks about several different ways to obtain and clean water.



 This video explains how to find water in one of the most challenging environments: the desert.




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