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Hawaii is one of the 50 American states, a volcanic island group in the Pacific made up of 8 major islands grouped together.

Hawaii became an American state in 1959, and before that, it was the home of Polynesian colonists that had come from more eastern Pacific islands.

Explorer Captain James Cook was the first European to find the Hawaiian islands, and shortly thereafter he was killed in a battle with the native people.

The Hawaiian people have a rich heritage that they keep with them to this day, and many still speak the native language, do Hula dancing, and other cultural activities.

There is much to learn about these islands, and we hope you enjoy them!

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Here’s a timeline of ancient Hawaii.

Here you just click on an island to learn more about it.

Get fresh Maui pineapples shipped right to your front door!

Here’s a timeline of the history of surfing, which started as the sport of choice for Hawaiian Kings.

There are currently several active volcanoes on Hawaii. Click here to learn more about them.



Here’s a picture of Hawaii from a satellite.





This documentary gives you an A-Z on Hawaii, it’s history, and some of the great things about this state.



This guy calls himself Furious Pete, and in this video he basically goes on an eating rampage all over Hawaii.

He eats some of the tastiest (and biggest) dishes that you can find in Hawaii.



Here’s some of the best things to do on a trip to Maui.

This site can help you plan a trip on any size budget.



Some of the volcanoes on Hawaii are still active….here’s one of the most recent explosions!



Check out these awesome waves on Oahu’s North Shore beach.



One of the awesome performances you can see in Hawaii is their traditional fire dancing. Awesome!



Here’s an hour of Hawiian steel guitar music, it’s got a nice tropical feel to it.




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