How to build a survival shelter

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In an emergency situation shelter is an essential part of your survival.

Shelter can be the difference between comfort and freezing to death, sleeping peacefully or being eaten alive by insects.

In most environments you can easily find materials suitable of an adequate survival shelter.

We’ve included resources in this page that will teach you how to make a shelter in a few different environments.


Here’s a slideshow of 15 of the best types of survival shelters.

Here’s a guide to building a snow shelter with pictures.

This page shows step by step how to build an advanced survival shelter with a swinging door and a roof.

This page shows how to build some really simple shelters for wooded areas.

Here’s a guide that will help you decide what type of cutting tool you might want to bring with you next time you go on a hike.

Here’s a guide to making a good survival shelter with minimal time and effort.

This video shows step by step how to build a long term survival shelter.

This video shows us how to make a shelter and fire in a jungle environment.

This video shows us how to build a show shelter for 2 people.

 This video shows us how to build a shelter in a lightly wooded desert area.

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