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The Inuit People, commonly known as Eskimos, have inhabited some of the coldest regions of North America for generations.

They live in the northernmost areas of Alaska, Siberia, Greenland and Canada, and hunt and fish for their food.

Because of the extreme temperatures of the Arctic tundra, the Inuit people have had to find resourceful ways to shelter themselves against the elements. During the winter they live in homes made entirely out of snow, called “Igloos”, and in the summer they make huts out of animal skins and driftwood.

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This video gives us a look at Inuit culture in 1949. 



 This video gives us a look at what the Inuit people eat.

Here’s a dietary guide for the different types of meat that the Inuit people eat.



 In this video, we get to see how Inuit people build Igloos.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to building an Igloo.



This video brings us into the everyday life of an Inuit family.



 This video shows us how the Inuit people live during the summer seasons.



 These next two videos give us a look at how the Inuit people hunt for food.



 This video is the life story of an Inuit shaman. 



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