Jacques Costeau

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Jacques Costeau was quite possibly one of the most adventurous and inventive people to ever live.

In 1943, he and his partner Émile Gagnan invented the Aqua lung, which allowed divers to explore underwater without surfacing for hours at a time.

This invention re-invented sea exploration, and Jacques Costeau was no doubt the leader of it’s exploration.

Throughout his life he filmed his explorations under the sea, helping scientists and marine biologists study all types of undersea life and terrain.

Ever eager to explore deeper and deeper beneath the ocean’s surface, he also helped invent the “diving saucer”.

This is a submarine that scientists use in performing underwater experiments and collecting data, photographs and footage of the under-sea world.

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Here’s a more in-depth biography.


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Here’s a biography video.





The Aqua Lung



This is what Costeau’s first Aqua Lung design looked like.

The oxygen needed for the dive was kept in a compressed air tank, and given to the diver through a series of valves and tubes.


Here’s an explanation of how the air valves work.






The Diving Saucer

A cutaway illustration depicts divers operating a diving saucer.


Ever eager to explore new depths of the ocean, Costeau designed this with the help of engineer Jean Mollard.

This small submarine has room for two people, and can move  in any direction with electric water-propelled jets.


In the 1960’s the U.S. Navy used Costeau’s invention for ocean research. Here’s what they found.





Jacques Costeau helped study many different types of ocean life, even the more dangerous types like sharks!





In this documentary, Costeau explores the colorful and diverse coral reefs of the world. 





With the use of his diving saucer, in this documentary, Costeau’s crew explores depths of the ocean too deep to be reached by sunlight.






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