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Jamaica is the home of rum, reggae music, and beautiful beaches!

Originally discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494, the island switched hands between Spanish and British rule over the years, and was one of the largest international slave markets before the abolition of slavery.

The British ruled this island country until 1962, and it remains to this day a proud, independent country.

The Jamaican economy thrives off of tourism, as thousands of people from all over the world travel to experience this lush island paradise.

We hope you enjoy learning about this beautiful island!




Here’s some facts and pictures from National Geographic Kids.

This page teaches you about the history of Jamaica.

Here’s a list of different beaches on the island(great for planning trips).

Here’s a huge photo gallery from jamaicans.com.

Rastafari is a religious movement that originated in Jamaica, read about it here.

Here’s some adventurous things you can do on a trip to Jamaica.

Click here to plan a cruise to Jamaica.

Here’s a page about the capital city of Jamaica.. Kingston.

Click here to see what the weather is like!



This video shows us one of the most luxurious ways to experience a trip to Jamaica.



Here’s 50 things people like about Jamaica.



Doctor’s cave beach is one of the most popular beaches in Jamaica. Here’s a quick video about what makes it a great vacation destination.




Get a look at some of the awesome food that comes from traditional Jamaican recipes.

Here’s a ton of traditional Jamaican recipes.



 The distinctive accent of Jamaican people comes from the Patois (pat-wah) language, which is the non-official language of Jamaica. Here’s a quick lesson in some Patois words.

Here’s an audio dictionary, where you can find just about any word translated into Patois.



Oddly enough, Jamaica has it’s own Olympic bobsled team. Since there is no snow on the island, here’s a video that shows some footage of how the team trains for it’s events.



Here’s a history of Reggae music, a style truly original to this island country.




Here’s a documentary on the history of piracy in Port Royal, Jamaica.



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