Joe Rogan is driving thousands of users to a new social media platform called Minds

2 weeks ago Joe Rogan posted his Joe Rogan experience # 1248 which was an interview with Bill Ottman, which has accumulated Over 5,000,000 views with the main video and the clip videos combined. Bill Ottman is the CEO of, a new social media platform where you can earn cryptocurrency for your interactions on the platform. This is introduced a whole new group of users to, who did not previously know about it before hand.

Tons of people are posting on saying things like “repost if Joe Rogan sent you here”, and the active user base of has grown considerably over the past few weeks.

Joe Rogan has also had on twitters CEO and other high level executives from Twitter tohma putting them on blast for political bias, unfair banning, and overall creating a negative viewpoint of Twitter , as these executives trip and fall on their own sword during the interviews. During these interviews the Twitter executives were not prepared, routinely dodge questions with excuses like “we don’t know the full context” or “we will have to look at that”. banning scandals like “learn to code”, Milo, Alex Jones and others were uncovered without any legitimate explanation from the Twitter executives and were generally met with vague statements and logical contradictions  throughout  the interview.

an extremely popular alternative media user Tim Pool lead the charge on some of these interviews, giving fantastic example of Twitter bias throughout their platform.

 These events only some of the past few weeks of the positive press that free speech alternative platforms like have been getting from users who have an extremely loud voice on the Internet. The future of this platform looks extremely bright for 2019, and it might all be due to the past few weeks of Joe Rogan’s posts.

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