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Elephants are large mammals of the Elephantidae family.

There are two species of elephants, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Elephants are scattered throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

Male African elephants are the largest surviving land animals and can reach a height of 13 ft and weigh 7,000 kg (15,000 lb).

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Here are some basic facts about elephants. 

Here you can read more in depth-about elephants.

Click here for a video about elephant conservation.

Here are facts on Asian elephants.

Here are facts on African elephants.

Here is a website all about African elephants.

Here’s a gallery of videos of baby elephants.

Here is a website all about Asian elephants. 

Here are some threats that the Asian elephants have.

Here is a link on the Indian elephant.

Click here to learn what elephants eat.

Here is a page about mammals.

Here is a documentary on elephants.

 Here’s a quick fact video on Elephants.

Here is a video on Asian elephants.

 Elephants are extremely intelligent, and even creative! This video is of an elephant painting a self portrait.

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