How to make a fire

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Ever since it’s discovery, fire has been an essential part of human survival.

Fire keeps you warm, allows you to cook food, send a rescue signal, and ward off wild animals.

In a delicate survival situation fire is usually the first priority, and your success in creating this fire may determine your fate.

There are many different ways to start a fire with and without tools, and we’ll cover a few of those methods in this resource page.




Here’s a video that shows you how to start fire with your urine.

Here’s 7 ways to light a fire without a match with step by step instructions.

Here’s an audio podcast about making survival fires.

Here’s a guide about different types of techniques for fire kindling.

Here’s a guide to starting a fire in adverse weather conditions.

Here’s a page full of reviews on different fire starting tools.

Here’s an article full of tips about firemaking.

Here’s a guide to building a firepit and finding materials with pictures.

This page is full of videos on how to start a fire without matches or a lighter.

This website helps you identify different types of tree bark, so you can quickly locate the best type of wood for your fire.

Here’s some tips for identifying different types of wood.



 This video shows us how to structure and light a fire successfully.



This video shows us how to make a fire using sticks and friction.



 This video shows how to start a fire with a magnifying glass.



 This video explains how to make a smokeless fire, which is a great thing to have when you need a fire, but don’t want to betray your location.



 This video explains how to create a distress signal with your fire.



 Did you know you can make a fire by squishing air? With the right tools, you can make this neat little tool that starts fires in a split second.





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