Minds.com is blowing up, and nobody is talking about it.

There’s a brand new (actually not so new) social media platform that you may have not heard about yet but you soon will. Minds.com is ushering in a new era of social media that is taking the web by storm. Big social media influencers like Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson and Paul Joseph Watson have already adopted the platform and are posting on it regularly.

NASA even has an account on minds.com, And has been gathering tons of activity from the sites nearly 250,000 active monthly users . the site actually has millions of users that are not active every single month. The majority of these users are from the United States Canada UK and there are there is a huge chunk of users also from Vietnam.

This site focuses on being a platform for free speech and moving away from the censorship tactics that are largely employed by companies like Facebook, Instagram, Google. So many users are extremely fed up with not being able to post content on these platforms that is not deemed suitable by that platform although it is largely considered to be perfectly fine , just not find on these platforms who want to mold a certain way of thinking on their platform.

The other great thing about Minds is that it pays you in cryptocurrency tokens which can be used to advertise your own content or boost your popularity on the platform, just for you interacting with the website, sharing content, and bringing people to Minds.