Now is the perfect time to trigger a mass migration away from Facebook and Twitter

The only way to collapse social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is to bombard those platforms with invites to the new alternative. this is literally why my space collapsed, Tom noticed the insane amount of message traffic regarding Facebook invites, and quickly sold Myspace before it was too late. Facebook is currently blocking links from, and Twitter is known to censor basically anything that goes against their extremely strict policies, I’m sure minds is already or soon to be put on the shitlist. One thing they can’t stop, however, is graphics. If you share a meme or a graphic that promotes a new platform or an idea, that is much harder for these platforms to detect.

Am I saying send memes promoting to your friends? Well, Zuckerberg won’t be able to detect it, and it’d be a slick way to crash Facebook and twitter if everyone did it enmasse.

One thing to think about is this: Facebook is already under a ton of pressure currently, it is losing executives, it’s being investigated by the feds, and it has had two major outages within a week across all of its products. This is prime time to turn Mark Zuckerberg into Myspace’s Tom, let’s spread the word about all of the alternative platforms out there like, bitchute, steemit and gab, and cause Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg to have to short sell out of their platforms.

It would be too easy, if we all acted at once.

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