YouTube’s official subreddit is burning itself to the ground

We all know that this year’s YouTube rewind quickly became the most disliked video on YouTube for a reason. The reason is really simple: YouTube has stopped listening to its users completely.

For more than a year now the YouTube subreddit has been completely on fire with hateful comments criticism pointing out the flaws in neglect that have been occurring inside YouTube.

The posts on this subreddit (r/youtube) point out blatant censorship, random account terminations, YouTube allowing pedophilic and pornographic content to be shown inside of their ads on their videos.

YouTube is so salty about their rewind video being the most disliked video on their platform that instead of fixing what they did wrong, they are simply going to remove the dislike button.

Other criticisms cover YouTube’s complete neglect Of their Copyright system which allows random users to Copyright claim any piece of content uploaded on any video. This allows no name random accounts to claim the revenue that is coming in from massive income earners without any penalty or review. Basically YouTube is allowing theft on their platform, sketchy ads, not listening to their userbase, randomly terminating accounts, and in general just not caring.

YouTube CEO has shown a complete lack of control over this situation, and it is only getting worse over time.
The biggest question that lies within this issue is: when will YouTube creators have had enough?

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